Accelerated graphics standardized in browsers. It’s starting to get real!


It looks like the dream of playing nexius in any web browser is starting to get real. the support for a new technology, webGL, has just been added to firefox nightly builds a couple of days ago.
It seems that webkit has also included support for it but it hasn’t been included in the nightly builds yet. see the video bellow:

WebGL aims to bring Hardware Accelerated 3D Graphics to web browsers by defining a standard, cross-platform, javascript API to graphics libraries such as OpenGL and its relative OpenGL ES. Since this technology is embedded in the browser itself, it should be available on any browser that supports it thus removing the uncertainty of whether or not the user has a specific plugin or not. With most browser vendors supporting it (including Google, Mozilla, and Opera), it looks like things might start to progress very quickly in the couple of months to come.

A question that may come to mind is how will computers without accelerated graphics capabilities handle 3D graphics-enabled browsers? Personally, I think it’ll probably be handled by software acceleration (something along the lines of mesa).

WebGL is currently being developed by the WebGL working group. This group includes Google, AMD, NVIDIA, Ericsson, Mozilla, and Opera. Microsoft, with its browser, seems to have fallen behind the pack. again.
More information can be found in this press release and other sources scattered across the web.


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