PuTTY on your phone: do stuff with your linux box, from anywhere.


What better way to show people how cool you are by shutting down your linux box (or anything else running ssh) from your phone? That’s right folks! I’ve just installed PuTTY on my symbian phone, and I’m happy about it.

Putty on nokia

I haven’t played with it long enough to give it a fair review. but judging from my experience so far, it does what it advertises; it connects you to your box via ssh. you can get your own putty here. The only drawback seems to be the lack of support for special characters (Ctrl, Alt, and all the merry bunch). so no nano and definitely no emacs.

Ignoring this somewhat serious bugs, it’s a really nice tool to have in your arsenal in case your server ever decided to stop working like it should. it can also be handy for the paranoid to constantly check system load or the auth.log (/var/log/auth.log)

a note for people new to sshd, please don’t make it too easy for people to get into your system. take all the precautionary measures to insure your system. at least move it from plain sight by changing the default port (still detectable though).

oh! and did I mention? puTTY has color support 😉


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2 Responses to “PuTTY on your phone: do stuff with your linux box, from anywhere.”

  1. Anxious Nut Says:

    Actually Alt, Ctrl, Tab, and the merry bunch are all there, but “I haven’t played with it long enough to give it a fair review.”!

    You can get to that by choosing/pressing “option”–> “send”, it’l give you Tab, Ctrl+’char’, Alt+’char’, pipe, Esc, and more!!

    It’s easy, and there is another way to use those, instead of navigating (after going into “option”–> “send”) you can press the numbers on your keypad corresponding to the ones on the screen (there are numbers above the keys, you’ll get it when you try it).

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