I may not be a math person, but WOW.. just WOW!


I don’t like mathematics unless i can see an immediate application in areas of my interest (Electronics, Computer Graphics, and Programming in general). I’m one of those guys that try to make up mathematical functions on the spot without the slightest research whenever the need arose. For example, the color of the sky in 8oori was generated by functions the i developed via trial and error (my preferred technique up until now).

But even a non-super-math-guy like me has to admit, Eureqa is one impressive piece of software!

It’s a tool that can be used to detect “equations and hidden mathematical relationships in your data”. In other words, It attempts to find equations that describe your data as accurately as possible. This simply means no need to waste another morning trying to get the right colors! just put in the values you want, and let the software do the the work for you.

Of course, being incredibly late for most of my deadlines, I couldn’t help giving it a spin..

As a sanity check, I tested it in the realm of the most interesting field of mathematics so far; Trigonometry. Using approximate angles of a full radian cycle and sine (we can’t make it too easy for it, can we) as a data set for Eureqa, I started the detection process. surely enough, after a few seconds the program got it!

The 0.001 error is caused by my crude approximation of the angles 😉

no software is perfect, including Eureqa. some of the issues I found were:

  • Restrictive License: I can’t care less about source code, as long as i can use the software as i like, without any exceptions! unfortunately, Eureqas’ license does not allow people to use this version after 2010:

    This license and the permissions to use this beta version of the software expire on Jan. 1, 2011 or at any prior time when the end of the beta is announced by the authors.

  • It doesn’t have a GNU/Linux client to date although the developers stated that they are working on one. so for now, you need to install using wine. install with msiexec

Despite these minor issues, this is one piece of software i’m glad I took the time to explore.


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